Weekly Article
Establishing Financial Stability for the Next Generation of Families through the Establishment of Trust 8/3/23
Investment Through Commercial Trust Mechanism 22/2/23
Family Trust 6/2/23
Social Trust 01/01/23
Trust Shall be Established and Registered to Comply with the Law 12/12/22
Providing Functions to Third Parties and Keeping Records of Trustee 29/11/22
Obligations to Apply for Permission to Use, Change or Modify for Trust Company 25/11/22
Trustee Advertising 23/11/22
Management of Conflicts of Interest in Trust Sector 21/11/22
Responsibility for the Activities of the Physical Trustee of the Trust Company 18/11/22
Notification of Approved Person and License for Physical Trustee 14/11/22
Revocation of Qualification Approval in Trust Sector 10/11/22
Revocation of License for Physical Trustee 31/10/22
Requirements for Licensing for Independent Physical Trustee 14/10/22
Requirements for Licensing for Physical Trustee 03/10/22
Trust Operation of Physical Trustee 13/09/22
Trust Operation of Independent Physical Trustee 01/09/22
Appointing or Replacing of the Composition of the Board of Directors, Approved Persons and Physical Trustee of Trust Company 29/08/22
Benefit of Personal Trust 08/08/22
The Operating Rules of Trustee Compeny 01/07/22
Roles and Responsibilities of Legal Specialist in Trust Sector 22/06/22
Eligibility for Qualification Recognition in Trustee Company 13/06/22
Appliying for Trust Registration for Any Trust that Has Not Yet Been Registered with the TR 30/05/22
Types of Trust Currently Available in Cambodia 20/05/22
How to appoint or replace the trustee or Substitute trustee in line with the law on trust? 13/05/22
How was the Trust Operation Established in Cambodia and Since When? 02/05/22
Why is it necessary to create trust sector in Cambodia? 29/04/22
How does a trust is legally created in Cambodia? 20/04/22
A Licensed/Authorized Trustee to carry out Trust Operations 12/04/22
Approval or Refusal of Trust Establishment 06/04/22
Trust Instrument 29/03/22
Appointment of Trustee 21/03/22
Identity of the Beneficiary 14/03/22
Trustor or Trust Contributor 07/03/22
Activities Considered to Be Trust Transactions and Which Must Request Permission from the Trust Regulator (TR) 01/03/22
Key Achievements in Trust Sector Before the Establishment of the Trust Regulator 21/02/22
Background on the Establishment of Trust Sector and the Trust Regulator in Cambodia 14/02/22
Symbol of the Trust Regulator 07/02/22
Structure of the Trust Regulator 31/01/22
Scope and Benefits of Trust Sector 24/01/22
Appeal Against the Decision of the Trust Inspector 17/01/22
Punishment for Trustees Who Commit Crimes (Continued) 10/01/22
Punishment in A Financial Fine for Trustees Who Commit Crimes (Continued) 03/01/22
Punishment in A Financial Fine for Trustees Who Commit Crimes 27/12/21
Punishment of Individuals Who Commit Crimes in Trust Sector 20/12/21
Penalties for Not Providing Report, Information, and Financial Statement 13/12/21
Penalties for Transactions That Fail to Apply for Trust Registration 06/12/21
Rules for Trust Inspectors in Carrying Out Law Enforcement 29/11/21
Complaint Against the Measures Taken by the Trust Inspection Official 22/11/21
Examination and Investigation of Crimes in Trust Sector 15/11/21
Inspection in Trust Sector 08/11/21
Dispute Resolution in Trust Sector 01/11/21
Trust Termination 25/10/21
Trust Supervision 18/10/21
Trust Registration 11/10/21
Substitute Trustee 04/10/21
Responsibilities, Implementation of Rights and Obligations of the Trustee 27/09/21
Trustee’s Obligations 21/09/21
Trustee’s Material Rights 14/09/21
Beneficiary and Beneficiary’s Rights 07/09/21
Rights and Obligations of the Trust Creator/Trustor/Settlor/Grantor 30/08/21
Benefits for Trust Creator and Beneficiary 23/08/21
Personal Trust 16/08/21
Social Trust 09/08/21
Public Trust 02/08/21
Commercial Trust 26/07/21
Main Parties of a Trust 19/07/21
What Is A Trust? 12/07/21
A Summary of Trust Law History 06/07/21
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